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Saturday, December 2

2:00pm AKST

Animation 1
Limited Capacity seats available

Directed by Derek O'Dell 
Runtime: 4 Min
Country of Origin: USA

An abstract immersive audio-visual experience as a study on the behavior of energy over a period of time.

Directed by Shao-Chun Chung
Runtime: 9 min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Directed by Chun-Tzu Chang
Runtime: 5 Min
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Ghosts on The Wall Death Rope
Directed by Danilo Neve
Runtime: 3 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Eddie, the grave digger, is haunted by the ghosts appearing on the walls in his home. The ghosts want revenge; Eddie didn't bury them well. So they tease, follow, and scare him to death.

Legio XVII
Directed by Jeremy Cisse
Runtime: 1 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: France

Inspired by the historic battle in Ancient Room, German clans join the rebellion organized by Arminius and push the Romans out of Germania.

Macabre Lighthouse Lake
Directed by Avery Herzog
Runtime: 4 Min
Country of Origin: USA

Set to the classical piece Danse Macabre, a girl travels through a barren winter wasteland armed only with a lantern of fireflies.

Directed by Yu-Chi Liu
Runtime: 5 Min 25 Sec
Country of Origin: Taiwan

A story placed in a micro city, based on a kitty's perspective.

Directed by Ricardo Herrera
Runtime: 8 Min 25 Sec
Country of Origin: Mexico / USA

Rino is a one-of-a-kind rhinoceros living in a small rural town. Old, depressed, and nearly blind, townspeople share their lives and space with Rino as the town's pet. He has evertying but is still feels lonely until a special incident changes his life forever.

Running Sushi
Directed by Stephan Etrych
Runtime: 1 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Elite sushi athletes are going to compete at the hurdles.

Siene's Breath
Directed by Bethanie Montano
Runtime: 3 Min 25 Sec
Country of Origin: Australia

The face of an unknown young woman influences history after her death.

The Realm of Deepest Knowing
Directed by Seung Hee Kim
Runtime: 3 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: Korea

One digs beneath the surface of the other to reach the deepest place of his heart during struggles.

Yin and Yang
Directed by Jin Yaun (Mavis) Huang
Runtime: 6 Min
Country of Origin: USA

Yin and Yang is a story about a boy who is running away from a bully. He befriends a skeleton girl and her secrets begin to unfold.

Saturday December 2, 2017 2:00pm - 3:15pm AKST
E Street Theater 315 E Street Anchorage, AK 99501
Friday, December 8

2:00pm AKST

Martini Matinee
A delightful matinee of quirky and sometimes off-the-wall shorts of all type. Sit back, enjoy a martini, and let the show begin. 

Brain Storm
Directed by Christophe Clin
Run Time: 6min, Belgium
What happens in our heads when we are about to meet someone on the street? Anguish, prejudice, expectation, surprise, disappointment … These few very brief moments are the nest of a real brainstorm.

Directed by Tom Tassel
Run Time: 6min, Canada
An animated dance choreography featuring a drop of water and a drop of oil.

Directed by Andi Behring
Run Time: 17min, USA
A comic tale of a small town girl who moves to New York City and realizes she's not in Kansas anymore. She's wide eyed about the high life of the big city - until she stumbles head first into the grip of its charming low lifes.

Conspiracy PIE
Directed by Levi Taylor
Run Time: 11min, USA
Mae in Alaska
Get ready for a nostalgic ride down memory lane to a time life was filled with Legos, video games and imaginative questions you’d muse with your best friend. Conspiracy P.I.E. reflects on friendship while reminding us to “never stop being that kid that asks 'why' after everything.”

Second to None
Created by Vincent Gallagher
Runtime: 7min, Ireland
Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman becomes the world’s oldest man with a mere minute gap between them, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place.

Directed by Alex Witkowicz
Run Time: 10min, USA
Short Docs
The world's best alligator rodeo takes place in the unsuspecting shadow of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. But the reasons behind this bizarre annual roundup will leave viewers enraptured with the animals, the people who wrestle them, and will create a newfound appreciation for what it's like to live life with all ten of their fingers still attached.

Happy End
Directed by Kamila Dohnalova
Run Time: 6min, Czech Republic
A dark comedy about death with a happy ending, with a splendid chain of unlikely encounters.

Ten Meter Tower
Directed by Maximilien Van Aertryck & Axel Danielson
Run time: 16min, Sweden
People who have never been up a ten meter diving tower before have to choose whether to jump or climb down. The situation itself highlights a dilemma: to weigh the instinctive fear of taking the step out against the humiliation of having to climb down.


Friday December 8, 2017 2:00pm - 4:00pm AKST
BearTooth TheatrePub 1230 W. 27th Avenue Anchorage, AK 99503

7:45pm AKST

Animation at Night

A collection of animation films for adult audiences. 

Stay tuned, list to be released shortly. 

Friday December 8, 2017 7:45pm - 9:00pm AKST
E Street Theater 315 E Street Anchorage, AK 99501
Saturday, December 9

12:00pm AKST

Family Films
Directed by Sara Litzenberger
Runtime: 2 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

Sasquatch has always remained elusive in photos--but not for the reasons we think.

The Cloud and The Whale
Directed by Tomilova Alyona
Runtime: 3 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

A touching story about the friendship between small Cloud and big Whale.

Short Changed
Directed by Barbara Mones
Runtime: 6 Min
Country of Origin: USA

A small quiet park filled with people hoping to cast their wishes in the park’s fountain is invaded by a sinister character aiming to steal their wishing coins.

Secret Chamber Murder
Directed by Yin Shuohan
Runtime: 4 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: China

From a cookie’s viewpoint, a murder incident develops into a complicated plot.

Navajo Tales - The Stars
Directed by Dallin Penmen
Runtime: 4 Min 2 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

A traditional Navajo tale showing the creation of the stars, in the Navajo Language.

Light Sight
Directed by Seyed Tabatabaei
Runtime: 7 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: Iran

M.E., the imprisoned character in a room is attracted to a hanging light and tries to catch it. But the room itself becomes an obstacle on his way.

Hunchback and the Swan
Directed by Dotty Kultys
Runtime: 9 Min 30 Sec
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The Hunchback has no friends in the village, but his friends are the animals of the forest. When he suddenly disappears, it's up to them to save the day. A classic folk tale of friendship and belonging, narrated by the UK's First Storytelling Laureate — Taffy Thomas, MBE.

Directed by Samantha Armiger
Runtime: 3 Min
Country of Origin: USA

When a little schnauzer with a sentimental attachment to his beard is brought in for a haircut, his world is turned upside down.

Good Boy
Directed by Claudia Marino
Runtime: 6 Min 45 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

A hopeful man goes on a blind date with the women of his dreams expecting to have the best night of his life. Things seem to be going perfect, until the night takes an unexpected turn.

Flipped Out
Directed by Jiheon Bae
Runtime: 5 Min 45 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

An old flip phone gets replaced by the latest smartphone model. Through the animation's hand-drawn style, older technology faces inevitable obsolescence with grace and wisdom.

Directed by Cheryl Briggs
Runtime: 6 Min 25 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

Asibikaashi, the spider woman, protects children from bad dreams at night by weaving dream catchers to hang above their heads while they sleep. She teaches Namid, an eight year old Chippewa girl who suffers from nightmares, to overcome her fears.

Dog Clog
Directed by Maggie Miller
Runtime: 3 Min 45 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

A dog really wants water.

Danse Aqua
Directed by Cindy Foucault
Runtime: 1 Min
Country of Origin: Canada

In the mist of the imaginary world, a girl reveals her passion through her steps.

Directed by Ty Primosch
Runtime: 5 Min 45 Sec
Country of Origin: USA

A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.

Directed by Ryan Rosenthal
Runtime: 3 Min
Country of Origin: USA

A student film about the struggle of desire.

Barkley and Friends
Directed by Chia-Hua Chang
Runtime: 3 Min
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Barkley and friends are students living in the city with many happy memories together. Even though these friends have arguments, they are learning how to get over these difficult times with positive ways.

Directed by Miguel New
Runtime: 15 Min
Country of Origin: Venezuela

Bakiro is a shy peccary who works as a janitor at a classical music hall. He dreams of being an opera singer but has a horrible voice. However, moved by a mysterious force that compels him to sing, Bakiro discovers his inner self. 

Saturday December 9, 2017 12:00pm - 1:15pm AKST
Loussac Library 3600 Denali Street, Anchorage, AK 99503

7:00pm AKST

Animation 2
Directed by Luis Uson
Run Time: 7 min, Ecuador
The cartoons entertain us, they make us laugh, but do we know what they do when the screen goes off? Do we know who they really are? Welcome to... Afterwork.

Directed by Tom Tassel
Runtime: 6min, Canada
An animated dance choreography featuring a drop of water and a drop of oil.

Daisy Love
Directed by Nicole Costa
Run TIme: 3min, USA
Curtis falls in love at first sight with Naveen. But when you're a flower, how do you get another flower's attention?

Directed by Abtin Mozafari
Run Time: 10min, Iran
A first episode of a fantasy series set in Syria.

Happy End
Directed by Jan Saska
Run Time: 6 min, Czech Republic
A black comedy about death with a happy ending, with a splendid chain of unlikely encounters.

Directed by Laura Owens
Run Time 3.5min, United Kingdom
A burdened slave navigates through a cavernous world to carry out his punishing work.

Directed by Danski Tang
Run Time: 3 min, China
A Chinese student's experience as a live figure model while abroad.

Not One of Us
Directed by Bill Jarcho
Run time: 9min, USA
An ominous warning about the perils of building walls in the name of greed, hegemony, and xenophobia.

Directed by Aycan Basar
Run Time: 5 min, Turkey
A satirical humor of our very much connected life.

South Forest
Directed by Wenrui Huang
Run Time: 7 min, Japan

Directed by Kevin Luo
Run Time 3 min, USA
A caver named Crouton is lured into a mysterious cave of unidentified toothed creatures. Harassed and scattered by these monsters, he ventures deep into the unknown, only to discover a monstrosity much too hard to swallow.

Twice Upon a Time
Directed by Vojin Vasovic
Run Time: 15 min, Canada
Twice Upon a Time, there was a king with split personality whose one half wants to become a poet and the other a fearless warrior. They desperately want to get rid of each other.

Saturday December 9, 2017 7:00pm - 8:15pm AKST
E Street Theater 315 E Street Anchorage, AK 99501